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Press Release: October 5, 1999

Sam Lena Library and South Tucson Police Team Up to "Eliminate the Hate" beginning on October 9, 1999.
Sam Lena Library and South Tucson Police Team Up

Operation "Fall Guy"
October 10th & 11th, 1997
(Friday and Saturday)

blue & white mobile DPS command center
DPS Mobile Incident Command Center

Text and Photos by Res. Officer Ted Forgach

"Bad Guys" Look Out! Officers from the South Tucson Police Department and Arizona Department of Public Safety's Gang Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (GITEM) are looking for violators. In an effort to deter street level crime in South Tucson, GITEM was called in to help out.

The D.P.S. Mobile Command Center cost approximately $250,000 and is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. It is used to support law enforcement operations during major incidents and emergencies statewide. The GITEM unit will schedule law enforcement support operations for Arizona law enforcement agencies based upon their availability and priority of the request.

Official objectives of Operation "Fall Guy" included "... to significantly impact crimes in the City of South Tucson, associated with gang activity, narcotics and prostitution." GITEM and South Tucson officers saturated the South Tucson area and conducted gang-related enforcement with a zero tolerance for any violations. Community contacts included all contacts with citizens including non-arrest situations.

Operation "Fall Guy" included: (18) uniformed officers, (6) bike patrol officers, (6) regular patrol officers, (4) reserve officers, (2) detectives, (4) on-site dispatchers, (3) technical support and (1) intelligence analyst. Juvenile Probation sent (2) intake probation officers.

The Center for Juvenile Alternatives sent (5) intake staff to process juvenile "status offenses." The entire operation was based out of the South Tucson Police Department and DPS Mobile Incident Command Center.

Group Uniform Picture Left to right:

Comdr. Fred McVean
Officer Ed Little
Sgt. Jerry Morgan
Chief Sixto Molina
Lt. Sharon Martinez

Officers Dave Hill and Steve Bejarano Bicycle Officers

Statistical report on Operation Fall Guy
Press Release 09/08/97 Chief Sixto Molina takes the Oath of Office.

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