South Tucson Police Department
Office Phone Directory

(520) 622-0655


Chief Sharon Hayes
(520) 917-1589

Lieutenant Richard Garcia
(520) 917-1579


Lt. Richard Garcia
Detectives Supervisor
(520) 917-1582

Criminal Investigations Detective
(520) 917-1564

Police Records
(520) 622-0655

Police Communications
24-hour non-emergency
(520) 622-3307

Employment Information

As of 9/19/2005, starting annual salaries for officers begin at $14.86/hr. or $30,908.80/year. Please write to:

Richard G. Salaz
Personnel Director

City of South Tucson
1601 S. 6th Avenue
South Tucson, AZ 85713

or call (520) 792-2424 for an application.

Thank you for your interest.

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