Departmental Operations Report

Part 1 Crime Data for South Tucson -- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarters ending September 30, 1998

Based Upon the Uniform Crime Reporting Code Data (UCRs)

Homicides (01.00 UCR)
Sexaul Assaults (02.00 UCR)
Robberies (03.00 UCR)
Aggravated Assaults (04.00 UCR)
Burglaries (05.00 UCR)
Larceny/Thefts (06.00 UCR)
Auto Thefts Reported from South Tucson (07.01/07.02 UCR)
Recovered Stolen Vehicles from South Tucson (07.03 UCR)
Recovered Stolen Vehicles reported as stolen from other Jurisdictions (07.04 UCR)
Arsons (08.00 UCR)

Simple Assaults (09.00 UCR)
Prostitution (16.01 UCR)
Possession of Narcotics and/or Drug Paraphernalia (18.01/18.03 UCR)
Sale of Narcotics (18.02 UCR)
Table of Crime Data

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