Community Policing Programs

Programs update coming soon
<!--A HREF=""><!--"Operation Spotlight" storefront opens in South Tucson </A><!-- &nbsp;&nbsp(December 15, 2000)<BR>
<!--A HREF=""><!--Online Hate/Bias Crimes Awareness Class </A><!-- &nbsp;&nbsp(October 20, 2000, and October 6, 1999) <BR>

<!--H3 ALIGN=LEFT><!--K-9 Unit</H3> <!--TD VALIGN=TOP><!--This is "Bren." He is a Belgian Shephard and was born in December 1994. Bren was trained as police service and narcotics dog and is on-the-job for the South Tucson Police Department. On more than one occasion, Bren has really taken a "bite out of crime!"</TD> <!--TD ALIGN=CENTER><!--<IMG SRC="/dog.gif" ALT="K-9, Bren">
<!--"Bren"&nbsp;&nbsp&nbsp;&nbsp&nbsp;&nbsp<BR> <!--(retired)&nbsp;&nbsp&nbsp;&nbsp&nbsp;&nbsp</TD>

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