Sunday, 19 July 1998

Letter to Damien Jasso

Here is the complete, unedited text of a letter sent on Tucson Police Department letterhead to the local home of Damien Jasso's mother:

February 19, 1998

To Damien Q. Jasso,


I am the detective assigned to the homicide for which you have an arrest warrant issued. I am the detective who issued the warrant against you. The reason I am writing you this letter is to inform you that I, through the Pima County Attorney's Office, am prepared to offer you an extraordinary deal. I have spoken to your mother several times over the past couple of weeks in an attempt to get her to convince you to call me. That has failed and so I am resorting to this letter. What I have to offer you is a chance at a future with your children. The County Attorney and I are willing to work with you so that we can resolve this situation with as little inconvience to you as possible. Here's what I propose to you:

- Provide you with a defense attorney at the time that you turn yourself in. This will be a contract attorney, not a public defender, paid by the state, not you.

- With at least 24 hours notice prior to turning yourself in I can accompany you to arraignments and through the booking you will then be released to pre-trial services. You will not spend a day in jail.

- Your arrest warrant will be quashed. You will no longer be a wanted person and will be free to move about the city, county and state.

- A plea bargain deal will be presented by the County Attorney's Office offering probation only. No prison or jail time will be served.

- Relocation monies provided by the County Attorney's Office in order to allow you and your children and Christina to relocate to another city or state.

What will we expect from you for all of this? You must turn yourself in to me by March 1, 1998. You must cooperate fully with the investigation (i.e. give an honest, truthful statement regarding the robbery committed by Inglewood at your residence and your involvement in the subsequent events). You must testify at the upcoming criminal trials of the codefendents in a truthful and honest manner.

While you may not believe me and I'm sure you do not trust me let me finish by saying this. What I am offering you right now has never been offered to anybody before. It is an opportunity for you to get your life back. You may not want to testify but understand that we must get something in return for doing the things that I have mentioned to you. This is not a trick. Myself and the County Attorney will do all the things that I have outlined for you in return for your quick surrender and testimony. Think it over carefully. This deal only applies if you surrender to me by March 1, 1998. Should you get picked up by patrol officers or turn yourself in after March 1, 1998 there will be no deal. You will be arrested, indicted and convicted of 1st degree murder. Think of your children and your future. You can call or page me whenever you like. This is not television. I cannot trace your call. Do the smart thing Damien. I don't believe that you meant for any of this to happen. We can put your life back together if you allow us to.

Call me.


Det. Kevin Hall